'Woke' writer suggests Oral Roberts University be banned for "anti-LGBTQ+" beliefs

She ripped ORU — whose basketball team is headed to the Sweet 16 — as a 'hotbed of institutional transphobia, homophobia with regressive, sexist policies'

After tiny Oral Roberts University shocked the sports world with its otherworldly upsets of second-seeded Ohio State and then seventh-seeded Florida in the NCAA men's basketball tournament, it was only going to be a matter of time before some woke mobster would deliver vitriol against the famously conservative Christian college.

Sure enough, a Tuesday op-ed penned by USA Today's Hemal Jhaveri did just that.

While acknowledging that Oral Roberts has "become a fan favorite" due to its improbable underdog run, Jhaveri pulled no punches when came to the school's moral standards, which she apparently believes are "wholly incompatible with the NCAA's own stated values of equality and inclusion" — particularly its "discriminatory and hateful anti-LGBTQ+ policy."

She noted that ORU condemns "homosexual behavior" along with "adultery" and "premarital sex" and requires students to pledge they won't be in marriages other than those "between one man and one woman." FYI, Hemal, that is not a surprising nor unanticipated stance for a conservative Christian college.

But she did not stop with such a short, uninspired rejection of Christian values:

As a private university and under the banner of fundamentalist Christian beliefs, the school is free to impose whatever standards of behavior they see fit, even if those standards are wildly out of line with modern society and the basic values of human decency. Now, as Oral Roberts gains national attention, the focus shouldn't just be on their very good men's basketball team, but on their prejudiced teachings and moral regressiveness.

That Oral Roberts wants to keep its students tied to toxic notions of fundamentalism that fetishize chastity, abstinence and absurd hemlines is a larger cultural issue that can be debated. What is not up for debate however is their anti-LGBTQ+ stance, which is nothing short of discriminatory and should expressly be condemned by the NCAA.

One could deduce from this wild Leftist rant that she doesn’t accept the idea that premarital sex, six-inch skirts and the various LGBTQ+ proclivities being flaunted by activists for that cause are generally rejected by society. You would be right in that assumption, even though it is fact. The first rule of Fascist rants is, never let facts get in the way of a judgmental bombast.

She went on to argue that "any and all anti-LGBTQ+ language in any school's polices should ban them from NCAA competition."

Calling ORU "a hotbed of institutional transphobia, homophobia with regressive, sexist policies," Jhaveri added that "there is no way to separate their men's basketball team from the dangers of their religious dogma, no matter how many top seeds they defeat."

I wonder if she asked the 12.7 million fans who watched the tournament last weekend if they bothered to even think about the mission, values and goals of ORU. My guess is, no, they didn’t.

You might recognize Jhaveri’s name, as she was in numerous news stories earlier this week for being one of many prominent Fascists who jumped to conclusions about the race of the Boulder mass killer before suspect Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa was identified.

Jhaveri wrote in a now-deleted tweet that "it's always an angry white male. always."

While Jhaveri’s tweets are now protected and not viewable without her permission, she apologized for the latter tweet: "I deleted a previous tweet that was posted in haste and poor judgement. My tweet was impulsive and an over-generalization, for which I apologize. That over-generalization does not reflect the values of this position or Gannett."

It's likely just fine with Twitter's censors, though.

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